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Scheduled Match Play

1.1  On each match date, Clubs will field three teams. The order of play is on the Schedule that is published on the website (

1.2 Captains may agree between themselves, in advance, to change the order of play, but corresponding teams must play against each other.

1.3 Every week there are 3 points available.

     Team Points = Individual Match Wins - Default Adjustment (rule 2.5)

Player Eligibility

2.1  Playoff Eligibility - To be eligible to continue to play in The Ontario Squash Doubles League (OSDL) playoffs, a player must have played at least 1/3 of the regular league games (rounded to the nearest integer) throughout the season.

  • (12 game schedule) - 4 matches

  • (10 game schedule) - 3 matches

  • If a player qualifies for multiple teams, player can choose only 1 team

2.2 Professional squash players are allowed to play in the OSDL with the following

  • There are no restrictions for Division 1.

  • For D2 to D4, each Club may play only one professional, providing he is playing at the highest division offered by his Club and at any position.

  • For D2 to D4, each Professional must be registered and approved by the Executive before the season begins.

  • A professional is someone who earns money from squash either by teaching or playing. Prize money earned from events such a PRO-AM may be exempt.


2.3 Player Substitution

(a)  Any player can substitute on a higher level Division team, but after playing in 40% of the scheduled games (rounded to nearest integer) the player must remain on the higher team for the balance of the season.

  • (12 game schedule) - after 5 times the player must remain at the higher level

  • (10 game schedule) - after 4 times the player must remain at the higher level


(b)  A player may only move up one Division within his club. (or the next highest Division in his Club). Once qualified in that Division he may be permitted to go up one further Division. (New 2015)


(c)  A player may play for a higher division team in another club, providing the original club he plays does not have a higher Division team and the following conditions are followed:

  • The team captain must have approval from the league Executive before this player plays his first match with the second club in the higher division

  • Note: If the Captain has not notified and received approval before the player plays for another league club he will be ruled ineligible to play for the second club for the balance of the season and any points won involving this player will be forfeited. (New 2012)


2.4  Each team must list players on Club Lock prior to league’s first scheduled match.


2.5  If a team defaults a match on any evening (except an Act of God):

  • The defaulting team shall have two points deducted and the non defaulting team gets 3 points.

  • If defaulting team plays only 1 match it shall have 1 point deducted and that team must play at #1 position.

  • If defaulting team plays two matches no points will be deducted but must play the matches in the top two positions. (New 2011)


2.6  If teams/captains agree not to play a match and decide to falsely record a result both teams shall be penalized 5 points in the standing (New 2014)


 3.1  A team “not in good standing” for failure to pay fees, may not participate in the play-off.

3.2  Fees - $250.00 per team - Fees are due November 1st (Interest at 1.5% per month). An invoice with payment instructions (eTransfer) will be sent to each team team captain, club pro or club treasurer via email.

3.3  All players will need to have Squash Ontario Memberships (a Club Locker requirement). A new Squash Ontario policy requires that all participating clubs be Club Members in good standing with Squash Ontario. Club Membership is invoiced in September of each year and invoices must be paid by the end of November.

Dress Code

 4.1  Please reference the Schedule for club rules for dress code (white attire only, matching outfits).

Starting Time

5.1  Please reference the Schedule for match times and day of play. Captains should confirm the venue (some clubs may use multiple locations), match order and start times.

Eye Wear

6.1  It is now mandatory by this league that players wear protective eyewear. Any player not wearing acceptable eye protection will not be permitted to play and that match shall be defaulted. This league rule will supersede any Club rules that may be contrary to it.

Interchange of Players

7.1  Clubs that have multiple teams in a Division may not interchange players. Each team in that particular Division is considered as a separate club for purposes of this league.


8.1  Home Team Captain is responsible to post the results on Club Locker, within two days from the match. Each Captain is responsible to validate that his team lineup entries are correct and complete. Failure to post results for will result in the following administration penalty:

  • The first offense will be a warning from the Division Commissioner.

  • Each offense afterwards will be a 1 point penalty.

Playoff Rules

9.1  For the semi finals in each Division, Club team 1 in the regular standings plays team 4, and team 2 plays team 3. Teams 1 and 2 have home courts advantage. Semi finals shall be played on the home team’s regular league night.

9.2(a)  In the playoffs, the lower ranked team will submit their team line up to the Division Commissioner first. The higher ranked team will have an opportunity to review the line up before submitting their line up.

9.2(b)  The Captains will submit their line ups to the Division Commissioner at least 1 day ahead of play time. Once the lists are exchanged, no further changes are permitted.


9.3  In the playoffs if a team cannot play in the finals the team they defeated will advance (New 2014)

9.4  A tie break rule. If tied teams at end of regular schedule cannot break tie on the court the following criteria will apply:

  • Matches between tied teams

  • Games between tied teams

  • Games won within Division

  • Coin toss (New 2016)

Promotion and Relegation

10.1  The final composition of the various Divisions shall be determined by the Executive, depending on the entries submitted by the Clubs, subsequent to the AGM. The Executive will guide itself by the standings of the teams in the prior season (not Play- offs), and will promote or relegate teams based on the two top and bottom positions of the respective Divisions. Every attempt will be made to have an even number of teams in each Division. (New 2013)


10.2  Clubs must register their entries by the designated dates set at the AGM. (New 2013)

Rescheduled Matches

11.1  A Team can request to reschedule a match, if there is a conflict (host courts are unavailable) with the Schedule. The host team Captain should make the request to the visiting team Captain and the Division Commissioner.


12.1  The host team Captain must arrange for a referee for each match.

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