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Vision Statement

The Ontario Squash Doubles League (OSDL) and Women's T&D Doubles League are non-profit organizations that facilitate inter club competition for squash doubles in the Greater Toronto Area. We imagine a league that fosters  competition, fairness, comradery and promotion of our sport within the squash community.

Club Locker


December 1-3, 2023

Hosted by the Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto


  • Each team’s age must add up to 100 years of age or more (ages as of Dec 1, 2023)

  • Only entry into one division permitted due to scheduling conflicts.


1. Open Division - those vying for the prestigious Canadian Title.

2. Mixed Division - one man, one woman with a combined age of over 100.

3. Silver Division - a notch down from the strong and balanced Open draw but still very tough.

4. Legends Division - at least one player 70 years old or older.

5. Octogenarian Plus - at least one player 80 plus years old or older.

6. Buddies Division - two friends or family members with combined ages over 100, who just love

to play together.   Perfect for mature parent/adult child combos.  

Entry fee: $30/racquet. Entry includes the tournament plus prizes and a few little extras along the way. This year, it’s just about the squash(and the fun that goes along with it!)  

Entry Deadline: Friday, Nov 24, 2023

To register, CLICK HERE or go to  For more information, email


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