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Women's T&D Rules (2022/23)

(As of November 1st, 2022)

Guiding Principles

  • Aim is to balance between competitive and social

  • Aim is to grow the League

  • Goal of zero defaults

  • Website scoring must reflect proper scores

Women can play OSDL (Men’s T&D). The hope is that any woman playing OSDL also continues to play T&D Women’s Doubles.


$250 per team (2022 was $150 due to funds leftover from shortened covid season)


Matches are 1 Point per Win (including with the use of spares)

Defaults are minus 1 Point per loss with exceptions (see below for more details)


Full points given with the use of spares as long as the following rules are adhered to:

  • Division 1 and Division 2 spares must be from spare list

  • Division 2 players can spare for any Division 1 team

  • Division 1 players cannot spare for another Division 1 team or a Division 2 team

  • Division 2 players cannot spare for another Division 2 team


Tammie Sangster Default Rule states there will be minus 1 point for any defaulted match excluding circumstances stated in the Extreme Circumstance Default Rule that says:

In the event of an extreme circumstance such as a game day medical emergency or death in a family, a team may default a match without penalty. This rule should rarely be used and not be abused. Convenors must agree that it was an extreme circumstance otherwise the minus 1 point default rule applies. In this case, on a 6 player team the remaining 2 matches will count for 1.5 points each.

Playoff Eligibility

  • Player must play 3 matches matches to be eligible for playoffs

  • A Division 2 player can qualify for their Division 2 team or a Division 1 team. A Division 2 player must make the decision if they want to qualify for Division 2 playoffs and continue to play the rest of the season in Division 2 if they are also subbing up. As soon as they have played 3 matches up in Division 1, they are now considered to be a Division 1 player and can no longer play in Division 2.

  • Players on the spare list are not eligible to play in playoffs (except in certain circumstances; see next point)

  • If a player starts the season on the spare list but plays for one team only, they may move to that team (play 3 times) and be eligible to play in the playoffs. If they play for more than one team they cannot move off the spare list and are not eligible to play in the playoffs

General Rules

  • Ball: Home team provides a new ball at the beginning of each league night

  • Referee: It is expected that each match will be refereed. Home team is responsible and visitors can berecruited if needed. Line judges can be used.

  • Organization: Captains should (provide as much advance notice as possible and communicate latest by (6pm) the Monday before the match about order of play, line-up, social etc. It is the home team captain’s responsibility to reach out and contact the visiting team captain.

  • Communication to team members: Captains to supply team players with the team schedule as far in advance as possible to enable players to plan and schedule, etc.

  • Players are requested to be on time and communicate if problems arise. A reminder to Captains to have a list of cell phone numbers available for all of their players. If player is scheduled to play at a set time and barring accidents, or other unforeseen unavoidable incidents, they show up late without prior arrangement, a penalty may apply at the discretion of the captains:

    • 15 mins a game

    • 30 mins a match​

  • Line-Ups: Captains will field their teams from strongest to weakest: i.e. 1 stronger than 2, 2 stronger than 3. If a captain feels the opposing team has manipulated their lineup and has not followed this rule, they may appeal to the convenors. If the convenors agree, the match will be defaulted and the -1 point rule will apply to the offending team.

  • Rescheduling for weather only on a case by case basis

  • IIf a Division 1 player has not played more than 3 matches and the player or her captain feels that her skill level is better suited to Division 2, the captain, after consulting with the player, may request to the convenors that the player be moved to Division 2. The player may then move to Division 2 if the convenors agree.

Start Times & Social

  • Lakeshore and Richmond Hill 7 pm, all others 6:30pm

  • Host team will buy their opponent a drink and dinner will be ordered individually in a “pay your own way” fashion. Team members will be encouraged to stay for social time during the evening, this still remains part of our guiding principles.


  • Both Divisions – top 4 teams make the playoffs

  • If teams are tied at the end of the season, go to matches head to head record. If still tied, go to games head to head.

  • Each team must submit their line-up in advance to the other captain and the convenors.

  • Convenors will review and approve the line-ups.

Fair Matches

  • To reiterate, captains must display honesty and integrity to ensure that the line-ups scheduled each week, and for the playoffs are clear in that level 1 is stronger than level 2, and level 2 is stronger than level 3.

  • Ethical behaviour and good sportwomanship are key to our game of squash so that everyone enjoys the game and we can continue to grow our women’s squash league with the guiding principles in mind.

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