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OSDL Guiding Principles

Spirit of Friendly Competition

The Greater Toronto Area is the heart of squash doubles. We are fortunate to have a concentration of clubs with doubles courts that rivals any city in North America.

Our League unites our community with like minded players striving to improve their skills in friendly competition.

All participants, including the League Executive, Club Pros, Captains and Players are encouraged to follow the principles of honesty, fairness and the spirit of friendly competition in all aspects of their participation in the League.


Good communication is essential for the success of our League.

  • The League Executive will provide structure that includes rules, schedule and website administration.

  • Division Commissioners will work closely with Team Captains to ensure weekly schedule, roster and match score updates are timely.

  • Host and visiting team Captains must collaborate before the scheduled match to confirm venue location, time and order of matches.

  • Do not hesitate to call your Division Commissioner for questions regarding rules, player eligibility or rescheduling a match.

Support the Future

Within our means, we will support the future of our sport through tournament sponsorship and inclusion of youth on our league teams.

Meet The Executive


Annette White

Women's T&D Convenor

Division 1

Mary K_edited.jpg

Mary Kelly

Women's T&D Convenor

Division 2

Cathy Tuckwell_edited.jpg

Cathy Tuckwell

Women's T&D Finance


John Hall

OSDL Division 1 Commissioner


Steve Belman

OSDL Division 2



Rob Maxwell

OSDL Division 3



Fred Dizig

OSDL Division 4



Reinaldo Rivas

OSDL and Women's T&D


Bob 2.JPG

Bob Ferguson

OSDL Finance


Alan Hunt

OSDL and Women's T&D


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